Black Dog House

37 Front Street


Co Durham

Tel: 07799 643699




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This is the privacy policy of It tells you how we collect information about you, how we store that information, what we use it for, and with whom we intend to share your information.


How we collect information

We may obtain a record of site statistics about use of our website from Google using site analytics, but not in a format that identifies any individual.

We use cookies. Cookies are small text files which are transferred from this website and stored on your computer's hard drive. They enable a website to “remember” who you are. More information on cookies can be found at

We will obtain personal information from our booking agent in order for us to provide you with the service that you have purchased. These details will include, where applicable, the names and addresses of party members and special requirements such as those relating to any disability or medical condition which may affect the chosen holiday arrangements. If we need any other personal details, we will tell you before we obtain them from you.

Storage of information

We have appropriate security measures in place to protect this information.

What we use your information for

We use the analytics gathered from the website to improve our website and overall performance.

Personal information in relation to bookings is used to provide you with the service that you require of us.

With whom we may share your data

The only time that personal information will be disclosed is to enforcement authorities if asked to do so, or to a third party in the context of actual or threatened legal proceedings

All details you give us in connection with your booking (including those relating to any disability or medical condition or your religious beliefs) will be kept but will not be used or disclosed apart from in the situation described above.

Except where expressly permitted by the Data Protection Act, we will only deal with the personal details you give us as set out above unless you agree otherwise. You are generally entitled to ask us (by letter or e-mail) what details of yours are being held or processed, for what purpose and to whom they may be or have been disclosed. We will charge a fee to respond to such a request. We promise to respond to your request within 40 days of receiving your written request and fee. In certain limited circumstances we are entitled to refuse your request.