Black Dog House

37 Front Street


Co Durham

Tel: 07799 643699




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No doubt you will have packed wisely, but if you're caught out by a change in the weather, we have a basic selection of wellington boots and outdoor coats that you can borrow. A stout pair of comfortable walking boots would be ideal to make sure you can clamber up hills and through streams at will. Last winter we had a proper dump of much in fact, that Weardale Ski Club at Daddry Shield (2 miles up the road with drag lifts) was featured on the BBC's Ski Sunday. We have a couple of toboggans/snow trays for you to use but no skis/snowboards. There are web links to nearest equipment shops on our dedicated Ski & Toboganning page.


There are some good DVDs and a fair number of books, but it's probably a good idea to bring a selection to your own taste, particularly if you have children. In the kitchen you’ll find plastic tumblers/plates/bowls suitable for smaller ankle biters, and in addition to the high chair in the dining room, there is a selection of cots with mattresses but NO linen/duvet/pillow for them.


All other bed linen and towels are provided clean and ironed for each group of guests. You will be provided with 2 pillows each (a mix of hollowfill and feather). Basics like toilet roll, soap, washing powder, dishwasher tablets are provided; personal toiletries are not.






If you think you'll need some extra cleaning during your stay we can sort it out for you. We can also arrange to have basics put in the fridge (milk, butter etc) or anything else you don’t want to bring yourself. You only have to ask as we  know someone in the village who can help.


There are lots of maps and a wonderful folder with useful information about the house and the surrounding area in the sitting room. There is so much to do for all ages as you’ll see from some of the information we‘ve included on this website.